Balls on the Menu, Testicles as Aphrodisiac

testicle aphrodisiac
"All testicles can be eaten - except human, of course."

That’s according to the Serbian chef named Erovic who just released the world’s first testicle cookbook. The Testicle Cookbook - Cooking With Balls includes author Ljubomir Erovic's favorite dishes, like testicle pizza and battered testicles.

"Wash testicles thoroughly for 30-45 minutes," begins the recipe for testicles pie. "Once softened, mince them in a mincer."

Erovic, 45, is self-taught in the art of testicle cuisine but his 20 years of "cooking with balls" make him a world authority in the field.

"The tastiest testicles in my opinion probably come from bulls, stallions or ostriches, although other people have their own favorites," he said.

Erovic also organizes the World Testicle Cooking Championship, held annually in Serbia since 2004. It draws in chefs from Australia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Norway and Serbia. One metric ton of testicles are prepared.

Testicles are rich in testosterone and they are believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac in countries such as Serbia and China. Of course, it’s not only limited to the “germ sack” but could also include the meaty male genitals. Asian cuisine is rich in such notably weird and exotic dishes which are typically consumed to gain better sexual prowess.

One piece of history worth mentioning involves such experimentations with folksy aphrodisiac beliefs just for pure sexual fervors. The French king Louis XV and his lover the Madame de Pompidour ate rams' testicles in the Palace of Versailles before nights of passion.


  1. Interesting cuisine. Some people in our country believe that eating bull's testicles can enlarge penile erection and a symbol of fertility that's why it is part of their ceremony whenever harvest seasons.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, the Chinese also believes in eating tigers' testicles and they apparently cost a fortune to buy.

  3. that is proper rough... i wonder what they taste like....gag! :(

  4. Are you sure that one can eat it?