Placebo Aphrodisiac

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If you want to try something fun, then collect all the aphrodisiac foods that you can and share them together. What will happen to your sex drive? Does slurping oysters really enhance the mood and increase your sex drive? We are about to find out!

Aphrodisiacs originated from a few known places, the first was back in the days of Greek mythology, the reason behind the sexual enhancement brought on by aphrodisiacs that at that time is that food was at times scarce. Full and complete nutrition is a basic need for life and once this need was met, then a person could focus on other needs, hence sex. Also a mal-nourished body has no libido, so a fully nourished body is more likely to want to engage in sex whereas a hungry body will focus on filling the belly! This basic need for human survival is another reason that foods are considered aphrodisiacs. It's all about satisfying the basic needs and then reproduction comes after.

Fast forward to the modern day, famine is no longer a threat and our bodies tend to be over-nourished, not undernourished! What place do aphrodisiacs have now? Modern day science suggests that there are a couple of main traits given to a food that classifies them as aphrodisiacs:

First, is the resemblance of human genitalia, hence the oyster, however I personally find this a far stretch and cannot see how looking at an oyster can bring on the slightest hint of sexual
attraction or a libido increase!

The second aspect classifying a certain food as an aphrodisiac is foods that increase the blood flow, for example spicy foods. An increased blood flow is a side-effect of sexual arousal, a natural response to a heightened sexual environment.

One of the most effective aphrodisiacs is sex toys, but that's a whole different topic all together, sexual enhancing products are just as much an aphrodisiac as a bubble bath filled with rose petals however some people might not like the idea and for them, it will not be as much as a mood enhancer as it will be for the next person. Personal taste definitely comes into consideration when we speak of aphrodisiacs and sexual attraction and mood.

There are many other aphrodisiacs such as pheromones and even certain drugs however again no proof exists about these aphrodisiacs. At this point, it seems to be a placebo. We cannot completely disregard the power of the placebo, after all, major drug companies have studied the effect of drugs on two groups of people and often the placebo group demonstrates the same results as the actual drug-using group. Interesting how the placebo effect plays on our minds!

Even if there is no proof of an aphrodisiac working, let's continue to use them simply for the placebo effect. Spray on pheromones, get a rabbit vibrator for yourself, light candles around the room, dress in sexy lingerie and eat oysters! So try the aphrodisiac foods, it may not increase the passion, but it may lead to some laughter and a very fun and playful night. If this is is what it accomplishes, then in fact it has increased the mood! Now enjoy your memorable night for you and your partner, after all, you have been entranced under the spell of the mysterious power of the aphrodisiac!


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