Soup No. 5

soup number five aphrodisiac

Soup No. 5, or Lanciao in the Visayan region of Philippines, is a soup whose primary ingredient is a bull’s dick. It is believed to be a very potent aphrodisiac similar to Viagra. These claims of course come from those who are regularly eating the soup dish.

To the unsuspecting eye or palette, Soup No. 5 may simply look and taste like a regular meat soup. And since it’s made with an animal’s loins, many people–mostly Filipino men–believe that they can take on the physical attributes of the consumed animal and swear by the soup as a libido enhancer.

Beef penis and testicles are washed and cleaned, then scalded in boiling water. The genitalia are then cut into pieces and set aside. Various other ingredients such as pork or chicken, ginger, and vegetables are combined in a stock pot with the beef penis and testicles, covered with enough water and simmered until tender. It is then seasoned with salt or pepper and served hot.

The genitals along with the meat were all chopped to innocuous, bite-sized pieces which make it easy to get over the fact that you’re consuming the beef’s “tenders.” Eating the peen and balls isn’t daunting at all since they are tender like cartilage, slightly spongy and gummy.

A google search about a bull's testicles nutrition fact would yield you this:
Serving Size: 100g (3.5oz)
Calories: 135
Protein: 26g
Fat: 3g
Cholesterol: 375mg
Carbohydrates: 1g


  1. Soup #5 is a proven aphrodisiac. It was already a popular belief making soup out of genitals bovine or horse has potent effect. It came to point when Univ of Chicago many many years ago harvested the the hormone testosterone from 20 lbs of cows testes. The research progress and climaxed to the awarding of Nobel prize for medicine to researchers on testosterone, its effect on humans and other branches of study such a reproduction, violent crimes, sex difference etc.

    Soup #5 is not heresy, so whoever would say it is is such a pathetic ignoramus.

  2. gd day day to everyone, i have no problem with the info its just that being a veterinarian in a very large farm in central luzon what i have noticed though that those who consume specifically large amount of testes be it bull's or a pig's have noticable balding head and are rep[oertedly ussually very easily agitated and quarelsome. doc peds

  3. soup #5, i've heard it from my brother in law many times, but still, i don't believe him, until i tried it. it really is an aphrodisiac.

  4. Soup #5 - I've tried it in Cagayan de Oro in one of the Karenderia. For me, it's good because I am fond of soups and crunchy to eat those cow dicks. :D But, when it comes to hormonal reaction, I found none. I guess it depends on the libido. If one has a high libido, there'll be a good reaction or else, it's normal.

  5. Must be a good excuse to be aggressive to women.

  6. You damn right vice versa women are rough with young men