Super Seahorse for Super Sexual Strength

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seahorse aphrodisiac

They’re getting extinct for their purported aphrodisiac properties; but people wanted to stay young and be strong in bed. You can’t blame them. If your wife’s just after your damn money, she’ll just dispose of you like trash if you can’t even satisfy them in bed.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the larger the sea horse the more super their potency will be. They are comparing its power to those of “Sea Dragon” (actually, they’re also related to sea horses or perhaps sea horses themselves but are more flamboyant-looking) only slightly weaker. One drink of it turned into tea or mixed with other herbal stuff into an alcoholic drink and you’ll be as strong as a wild dragon, at least as some cases suggest.

Sea Horse is considered to be a powerful sex tonic. It provides strong Yang energy to the kidney giving it its reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is used in a wide variety of men's tonic formulations to build sexual strength.

Seahorses have been eaten for more than 2,000 years (according to ancient records it started way back since 342 BC) and, as well as being a traditional way of improving sex-drive, are also thought to help respiratory problems and keep one feeling and looking youthful.

Sea Horse may be used with any other tonic herbs, but it is most commonly combined with kidney care tonics, both Yin and Yang. You can make a tea of it, or you can grind it into powder and add it to capsules. Also, Sea Horse is commonly extracted, with other tonics, in alcohol to make a tonic jiu.

Primary combinations of sea horse based sexual tonic includes: Deer Antler, Sea Dragon, Gecko, Ginseng, Lycium, Schizandra, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, Morinda, etc.

They are often sold in powder form and sometimes as a whole dried sea horse. They are commonly traded in dried form but I’ve seen some people pull them out of container vans in fish tanks.

Please be advised that taking sea horse tonics without a sexual partner is not recommended. It is not indicated why; but perhaps, since it suggests that your horn will grow great lengths because of it, it can turn you wild and mad if you get too much repressed sexual energies. It’s also a great no-no for pregnant women and those having flu, fever, or anything that makes you sick hot which TCM refers to as “pathogenic fire”.


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