Salep Aphrodisiac

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salep aphrodisiac

Salep refers to both an aphrodisiac beverage and orchid in Turkey. Salep flour, which is made from grinding dried tubers of a species of plant related to the orchid, is the main ingredient of this drink. The name “salep” is said to come from an Arabic expression meaning “fox testicles,” because of the orchid’s tubers, which are egg-shaped and resemble testes. It has also been referred to as merely “testicles” and “orchid” throughout history. Most likely, however, the Turkish name seems to come directly from the Arabic name “sahlab” for both the orchid and the drink.

Salep is generally offered as a winter beverage. By boiling a mixture of salep flour with milk, sugar, and spices, the drink has been offered by doctors over generations, under the principle of “sympathetic medicine,” to men who experience fertility or virility problems because of the belief that ingesting objects that look like testicles would bestow the assets of healthy testes.

Sometimes referred to as Turkish Delight, salep is also known as cayirotu or cemcicegi and is believed to be an excellent remedy for intestinal disorders, colds and coughs and is thought to improve sexual appetite and increase virility. Ancient folklore declares that salep orchid was an ingredient in love potions brewed by witches. “Witches were supposed to use the tubers in their philters, the fresh tuber being given to promote true love, and the withered one to check wrong passions,” according to Wisegeek.com. “It was tested recently for cases of nervous debility and has been shown to be a nerve stimulant” and reinvigorating tonic, effective for age-related sexual weakness.

In reality, Turkish Delight is most often used when referring to lokum, which is a sweet dessert made from starch and sugar and often flavored with rosewater, mastic, or lemon. It is said that in an attempt to satisfy his many wives, a famous sultan demanded his confectioner to create a blend of sugar syrup, nuts, dried fruits and other flavorings. Combined with a binding agent, the delicately scented and sugary sweet, known as Turkish Delight, was created. From this moment on, a plate of Lokum was served at daily feasts in the Ottoman court.

Salep itself is native to Turkey, although its popularity spread beyond this location to the Middle East, England, and Germany before coffee and tea became fashionable. However, it was still offered as an alternative beverage in coffee establishments. In England, during the 17th and 18th centuries, British orchid roots, known as “dogstones,” were utilized as substitution for the original Turkish salep orchids.

Europeans also believed that the orchid root could determine the sex of their unborn children. It was said that men who ate the larger root of the orchid would have sons whereas women who ate the smaller root would have daughters. Interestingly, the scent of the orchid species led to the belief that the plant arose from goat semen which fell on the ground during copulation and fermented.

Salep has a long history in Turkey and was originally used there as medicinal beverage and as a binder in desserts. The popularity of salep in Turkey has unfortunately led to a decline in the populations of wild orchids. True salep is now illegal to export out of the country and now instant salep mixes are made with artificial flavorings and substitutes in other parts of the world.

Other desserts made from salep flour include salep pudding and salep ice cream, also known as salep dondurma, or “Maras Ice Cream.” According to a New York Times article, the traditional Turkish salep ice cream is sweetened and flavored with mastic, a sweet-smelling resin, and thickened with salep. The ice cream was most likely discovered when accidentally frozen. Salep ice cream is typically stretched for 20 minutes into an elastic mass, creating a firm and chewy frozen concoction that is cut with a knife. Amazingly, this Turkish specialty is so stretchy it can be used as a jump rope.

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