Magic Potion, Love Potion4

Here’s another love potion for you. I got this formula from my mother who also learned it from her father who was an herbalist back when he’s still alive.

  • Payang-payang gubat roots (Mongoose Plant)
  • Alagau roots-those found only where the forest foliage is thick or on the foot of a mountain
  • The stem of a kind of Bali-bali plant found in the forest
  • Roots of a forest Eucalyptus
  • Manunggal bark and roots
  • Tagpong-gubat leaves and roots
  • Kalingag roots
  • and a few more roots from trees whose description I can't find in the internet

This is a collection of rare roots from the forest. Take only small amounts of the roots. Mix in all of the ingredients, and place it in a small container, which is filled with coconut oil (note: "not virgin coconut oil"), that you can place in your pocket or in any small corners. Heed this warning: This mixture is not meant to be drunk!!! You only wear it with you when you want it to take effect. The effect of this potion is simple. You easily please other people with your personality making them comfortable and at ease while talking to them.

With women, my mother recalled her father’s words; “Una mahuhuli mo yung ngiti, kasunod ang puso, tapos yung sa ibaba.” When translated in english it goes like; “First, you’ll catch a smile, next is the heart, and later that thing below.” You know what he meant by “below” right? Anyways, it’s an expression for “getting laid.” More than scoring with the opposite sex, the potion was also said to be good at business since you and your business will be much more appealing to your market. Take note that the potion won’t be able to take effect on some people. Be always aware, also, of its don'ts. The potion would lose its powers when you do one of the following:
  • (If you’re a female) You touched the potion while having a menstrual period.
  • You brought the potion in a funeral or touched it after visiting a funeral.
  • You brought the potion near someone giving birth.
  • You killed someone.
  • You don’t regularly bring the potion to the forest where you took it.
  • You don’t regularly pray over the potion.

With regards to bringing the potion to the forest, you should do it once a year during the Lenten week. Its purpose is to recharge the magical properties of the potion. The same applies to praying it over. Any prayer you know will do as long as you pray intimately and from your heart. The ingredients are hard to come by but if you’re really interested you’re always free to try.

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  1. Sometimes, i feel tempted to use this kind of things or any other ways... But felt like using my own 'charisma' is more sincere, aye?

    Are you a descendant of witchdoctor?

  2. There are many people who get into extreme in search of love potions. Some people waste too much of time and energy for this thing. I just feel that if a couple has deep love for each other then everything else is irrelevant. Please write about human relationship more instead of love potions.

  3. well nice info here
    but the ingredients there cant be find internationally, and you write it in your language. Better to write the species name or international name. I think some of them can be find here in Indonesia, but the name is different

  4. Solitude, actually I don't recommend what I'm writing here since I don't know what will happen to you once you use it. I'm not a descendant of a witch doctor, just happened to have an herbalist grandfather and another gradfather on my father's side who's got strange powers.

    Rahzib, I know you're not into love potions. Don't worry I only write it once a week. I'll stop once I ran out of love potions to write.

    hedgehog, sorry for the local names i wrote here. I've tried my best to search for their international or english names but only one had it.

  5. Are you sure these ingredients are safe? I want to try it though, but scared. LOL

  6. Yes, I'm sure... these ingredients are unsafe. LOL

  7. Alternative medicines are safe such as real love spells, but would strongly suggest doing research on love spells and doing them safely. There are experts that will help and give advice for a reason. I would hate to see someone hurt themselves using spells!

  8. Yes don't hurt yourselves with spells. But these ingredients won't hurt you. It will make you lucky.

  9. just want to ask nepspeed... wer u from?