Reverse Power of Sweat, Love Potion2


Yes, here’s another one of the love potion series, so for everyone interested please take note.

Actually, this one does not resemble anything close to a love potion in its literal sense. However it is possible to make a connection since, conceptually, its mere purpose entails or connotes the same idea on which love potion is founded.

This belief can be categorized more as a love spell or witchcraft since it does not involve mixing or concocting any form of substance for ingestion.

Last time, I mentioned the power of things that come from you to work for or against you. It was the power of one’s sweat, to be specific, working for his/her heart’s desire that was given close attention. This time though, it’s the reverse. When someone who’s really crazy for you takes your shirt or anything you wore or constantly use (anything that is constantly in contact with your body), they can use that particular thing to dominate your character or, worst, control you.

The secret to it is keeping the worn or used item with its user’s scent in it without washing it. According to old folks knowledgeable in such beliefs, with this technique of keeping worn or used items, it will be hard for the person who used the item to remove you from his/her thoughts and, eventually, find you unforgettable.
To do this, one is required to acquire an item used by the object of his/her desire. The item should be something just recently worn or used, preferably clothing (as to how they will get this worn clothing, again, it’s entirely up to the one who wishes to do it).

Once the item is finally at hand, it should not be washed to keep part of the essence of the one who wore it in it.

It may smell awkward due to its user’s B.O. (body odor) hanging on it but that’s part of the ordeal one needs to undergo in order to reap the fruit of the effort given.

The item should be placed under the pillow used when sleeping. Once the wielder of the item goes to sleep with it under his/her head, it is there that the love spell takes effect.

Basically, when one sleeps, since his/her head lies over the enchanted item (enchanted because, in the process, it is visualized or projected to perform an enchanting ability, thus given the attribute of being enchanted), it signifies a sort of connection in the spiritual level.

Through this, it is said the person who used the item will always dream of the one who kept it. Also, through this connection, if one is capable of manipulating his/her dream, the keeper can extend the effect of the spell even further into controlling the emotion or the feelings of the owner of the item towards him/her.

By constantly doing this, theoretically, the man or woman of your dreams will be deceived into thinking that the two of you are meant for each other (soul mates) since you are frequently in his or her dreams.

Based on some stories circulating about this practice, there are several who do this with Latin prayers before getting to sleep. It is said that the prayers enhance the effectiveness of the love spell.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the prayers since I don’t know any.

About the item that should be placed underneath the pillow, anything will do as long as it is directly used by the one you’re planning to use the spell on, but they say the most potent ones are usually the clothes they wore.

 True or not, effective or useless, I would say this is not to be taken as a full proof action to make someone fall for you since it might lead to dreadful repercussions.

Yes, you might be able to end up having someone’s heart but the very idea of it as an ill-gotten gain will, definitely, only result into an ill-ended faith both for you and your victim. Like the goblin saying goes; “Grow food in dirt? Save time, eat dirt.”


  1. I think it has relationship with pheromeone theory, about scent that has correlation with sex and love.

    At movies there is some scene that the guy keept the girl scarf /handkerchief (that accidentaly left )

  2. You know what? Perhaps, you're right. But, maybe, there are also elements beyond mere pheromones comes at work here.

  3. The picture you added to this entry is crazy looking.

  4. I like it that way because, after all, everything I write are almost, at some point, crazy.

  5. ???????????

  6. Hold on im a little confuse about this, From what i understood the one who used the item is the one who will be sleeping on it too? and the other person is just the one who will keep the item??

  7. Who needs to sleep in under an used item, The person who used the item or the person who's keeping the item?