Sweat Potion, Love Potion01

Here in the Philippines, there's a belief that anything that comes from you can be used in favor or against you, in its mystical sense (something like vodoo): a piece of hair, the shirt you last wore, even your photos.

Even how scary a thought it is, these beliefs can be used to our advantage, especially when trying to get something we badly covet or, perhaps, need. In terms of the desire to own or control a person to whom you're deeply inlove with, love potion or "gayuma" becomes a key

 Like what I've said, anything that comes from you is a potent mystical stuff which can either work for or against you. Your sweat comes from you, it is the love juice that oozes out from you everytime your body exert force. The love potion I'm about to share with you has one and only ingredient, sweat, and it's pretty easy to prepare.

First, you need to sweat considerably. Try doing things that will make you sweat prior to a dinner date, anytime before the date will do. You can jog, do your house chores, or perhaps take a sauna. When you're all pumped up with sweat, of course the next thing to do is collect your sweat.

Find a nice clean face towel or handkerchief to wipe off your sweat. Yes, wipe them all off until the cloth is really wet.

According to some, the most potent sweat would be those coming from your inner thighs and crotch. I would suggest wiping on that area too for the potion to be more effective.

Later, bring your sweat filled hanky or face towel. It doesn't matter if it dries up, as long as the stinky sour odour of your bodily juices remains there, you're good to go.  

Before dining, find a way to place your sweat into the liquid your partner will drink. Soaking the sweat-filled piece of cloth into the drink will do. Of course, don't leave the piece of cloth in the liquid that would be stupid. Your only goal is to make your sweat mix-in with the liquid.

Don't worry about the odd taste it will be producing, it doesn't taste a thing. 

How you'll be doing it is entirely yours (you can wait till your partner goes into the bathroom). And the moment he/she drinks it, well... you can tell me later what happens.

Old folks say its really effective, giving you the ability to be more dominant in your relationship. 
Some say the effect isn't instantaneous. You'll have to wait some more days before it triggers its full power. 

I've also heard several stories of men who doesn't really fit the word "handsome," "responsible," or a "husband material" but they are able to marry a beautiful wife. When asked how he was able to pull their relationship through, his answer would be using this sort of thing.

I can't say its really effective, I guess it all depends on how people translate their observations of their date partners after they do this stuff. So, are you willing to give it a try?


  1. but this ugly girl who ensnared my mestizo uncle used something like my uncle's nail clippings. She admitted it to my aunt when she got pregnant but in the end my uncle left her and he got married in Australia.

  2. Holy Jumpin' Jesus...I just bet this is what my troll of a husband did to get me!!! Come to think of it I do remember an odd taste in my cocktail on our first date. That bastard! I'm filing for divorce. Right now. Dammit.

    lol :)

  3. Don't worry pamela. You've come to your senses and is aware that your husband is a troll. That only means you haven't taken the sweat potion.