American Ginseng, The Male Sexual Tonic

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american ginseng aphrodisiac

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is one of the most prized herbal medicines in the world and is believed to have health-improving elements. In fact, it is most revered in China, even though an almost identical herb, called Asian ginseng, is native there. For nearly 300 years, it has been a healer, magic talisman, and major U.S. botanical export. Hunted to the point of extinction, it has become more mystical as it has grown more elusive. Still, fetching hundreds of dollars per pound in the Orient and offering the promise of a long life and sexual vitality, this plant continues to stir desire in those who know it.

In Native medicine, various North American Indian tribes used American Ginseng for both physical medicine and magic. It is reported that the Chippewa people used the root internally to treat stomach ailments and prolong the life of a dying person. Creek Indians used it to treat excessive heat conditions and the lungs. They also reportedly carried the root to ward off evil spirits; a common cause of disease in many parts of the world. Chinese herbalists quickly recognized that while this American root did have qualities in common with its Asian counterpart, it also had unique properties that made it a distinct therapeutic agent.

Rather than the warming, drier energy of Asian Ginseng, American Ginseng is a cooler, moisturizing tonic. While Chinese Ginseng is usually reserved for recuperation and building, American Ginseng can be used in hotter conditions to allay thirst, moisten, and revitalize the body. In Chinese medicine, American Ginseng is used to benefit the Qi, generate fluids and nourish Yin or the fluid, feminine and building aspects of our constitution. It is also used during recovery with symptoms such as weakness, thirst and irritability.

American Ginseng is classified as an adaptogenic herb. It helps the body cope with stress and strengthens the immune system. Compounds known as saponins that are found in ginseng reduce the damage the body's stress hormones cause. Saponins may also help muscle cells produce and use energy more efficiently, which helps the body cope with stress. These compensatory mechanisms reduce the negative impact of stress on immunity.

Research on American ginseng root in the past 20 years has increasingly shown that it can help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes mellitus. Possibly because of chemicals called ginsenosides that seem to affect insulin levels in the body. The effect seems most prominent when American ginseng is taken 30 to 60 minutes before eating. This suggests American ginseng may work in part by slowing the absorption of sugars from the diet. Other research hints that American ginseng may work at least in part by making the cells more receptive to insulin in people who are insulin resistant.

Cancer cells tend to secrete compounds that inhibit the immune system, and there is some evidence that American ginseng can reduce the immune-suppressing and immune-damaging effects of cancer and of treatments for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. This seems to improve quality of life, though its effect on longevity is not yet known. American ginseng also directly augments the effects of T helper cells, the leaders of the immune system, which are also quite helpful to cancer patients.

American Ginseng and Fertility

American ginseng may help to improve fertility in men. According to the NIH, ginseng supplements may help improve the quantity and motility of sperm. Additionally through observation, use of American ginseng may support healthy sex drive, erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance in men.

Some herbalists use this herb for female fertility as well, but it is not common. It may be used for female fertility where the adrenals are taxed, there is general debility, digestive disorders, stress levels are high or there are autoimmune disorders present.

Benefits for men’s fertility

  • Supports Endocrine system function, aiding the HPA axis which supports healthy hormonal balance.
  • Support proper immune function, very important regarding autoimmune fertility issues such as antisperm antibodies.
  • May increase sex drive.
  • May help treat erectile dysfunction; enhanced erection.
  • Increases stamina, may aid in sexual performance.
  • Supports healthy stress response, this may help prevent and heal adrenal fatigue and sexual dysfunction associated with high stress levels.
  • Adrenal health and proper function is vital to proper manufacturing and release of testosterone.
  • Supports proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods, which is essential to health overall, including sperm health.

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